Scarred fo’ life, brah.

17 04 2010

At the end of February, Rick removed a 1 inch cyst from the back of my neck.  After a month and a half of pain, itching, and cortisone shots, I am on my way back to recovery.  Thankfully, I do not look like Frankenstein (even if it is on the back of my neck where my hair covers it).

Of course, I documented the healing process.  I wanted to take a picture of all the stuff he dug out of my neck, but Trudy was still in the room and I didn’t want her to think I was a weirdo.  Plus, I was still in shock that it could possibly be a tumor rather than a cyst, as Rick pointed out while he was doing the surgery.

1 hour and 7 anesthetic shots later…

My first look at the damage the next day.

A week later, before I head to Portland and Orange County.  So itchy and so gross!

A month and a half later and one more cortisone shot before I can say hello to jiu jitsu again!

Rick seems to be convinced that I won’t scar that bad, but the narcissist in me enjoys the fact that I could possibly make up a cool scar story to tell later on.  If only I could just think of one…




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