Jiu Jitsu Jitters

13 10 2010

Last week I decided that I would enter NAGA, my first jiu jitsu competition. After a little prodding from Betta, someone whom I’ve always looked up to (even if I was scared of her most of the time), I decided that it was time to suck it up and just do it. Jared is right in the fact that I’ve been training for almost a decade (although not nearly as long in jiu jitsu), and haven’t competed yet. Everyone says that you’ll learn more about your game in competition than in training. I think Neil nailed it on the head when he told me that if I keep waiting until I’m ready, I’ll never do it. He’s completely right.

So here I am, a week and a day til weigh ins — starving and tired… but excited and full of adrenaline since Tuesday night’s roll. I decided to try to cut down to 119.9 from my walk around weight at 125-128. I haven’t been under 120 for over 5 years now. So not only is this a physical test, it is also one of the largest mental challenges I’ve had to face. I now understand the struggle for fighters to cut weight, and now can fully empathize with them.

While I can say that this tournament is for fun, I really hope to do well (at the risk of sounding too confident). I can only hope that I don’t panic and forget the game plan… whatever that is. And even if Betta says it’s okay to suck because I’m a white belt, I don’t want to.

I’m thinking that the one advantage that I have going is that mostly all of my training partners have at least a 15-75 lb advantage over me. So if I can deal with them, a 120 lb girl should be no problem… but then again, bad habits may come to haunt me and I might spend more time thinking… and getting caught losing on points.

I never thought the day would come… or more like come so soon. But here’s to checking another number off my so called “bucket list” for Hawaii. I guess I need to continue to get it in my head that it’s for fun… but also to go in wanting to rip some arms and heads off.

Dammit. I’m still hungry. And can’t sleep. The week better go by quickly.




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