And so my journey begins…

3 12 2010

It seems that mostly everything I planned since this summer is slowly coming to fruition. I refinanced my mortgage in late summer, and recently just rented out my apartment. Of course, this is all according to the plan that would get me closer to moving to the mainland.

I am now (temporarily) living with my grandmother, who, for the most part, is very unintrusive. I have to admit that what once used to be a nice 20-25 minute drive to Kailua from town every Saturday has turned into a 45 minute commute during the weekdays. Waking up at 6:15 a.m. every morning has definitely taken its toll on me, and not to mention that my grandmother’s house is SO noisy since she lives right along a main thoroughfare. It took me about 2 days to get used to the noise, but by that point, exhaustion set in, and by the time I would fall asleep (around 10 pm), I would be out cold.

I think that because my plans are slowly falling into place, I’m panicking a lot more now. I’m really going to take the plunge. I’ve been thinking about when exactly I will resign from my job, but not before taking all of my accumulated vacation days (about 21 or so of them). I also want to travel before I leave Hawaii permanently, but making sure it doesn’t take a huge chunk out of the savings I’ve been building up for my move.  The thought of traveling to a foreign country pretty much by myself is not what I envisioned for going abroad. However, I think that it could be a good thing. Especially in light of packing myself up and moving across the Pacific Ocean.

So I guess my life now is, 3/4 planning and 1/4 daydreaming. Planning a practically seamless move to Portland, and hoping that I find a job in a relatively short amount of time so I don’t have to be poor (even though I will still have an income from HPU which will cover the difference in my mortgage and rental income and leave me some spending money)… and daydreaming about the possibilities of traveling abroad since I will have some money (and time) saved to do that before I leave. After all, I need to make use of my passport that I got in the beginning of this year.

I’m comforted by the fact that Karyle will also be moving to Portland next year as well. She’s definitely one of my closest and most trusted friends, and it’s a bit reassuring that she will be there… even though it seems like it’s a total impulsive move on her part. But, it’ll be nice to have someone who is in the same position of starting their life over, like me. This is not to say that my Portland friends aren’t wonderful… but at least I won’t really be alone in the job hunting, etc.

So as 2010 comes to an end, I really have nothing but huge possibilities to look forward to. I’m excited, scared, and basically just feel like this is all surreal. I can’t believe it. Who knew that I would be an Adjunct Professor of Sociology at Hawaii Pacific University, or that I’d basically give up my cushy life in Hawaii for the unknown, or even travel abroad by myself nonetheless! If I could look back and watch the way that I’ve evolved over the years, I’d definitely have something to be proud about.

Here is to 2011, with the NEWEST of beginnings!




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