2 weeks until Brasil!

8 02 2011

So right now, I am about 16 days away from landing in Sao Paulo, Brasil.  I’m a bit nervous, since I haven’t got a clue as to what I should pack, when I should get my currency, buying electrical adapters, etc.  I’ve also been slacking in my Portuguese lessons, even though I instant message with Pedro everyday and he speaks no English.  Yes, I am cheating by using my iPhone translator application, but still… it helps.  What doesn’t help is how fast these Brasilieros speak Portuguese.

Anyway, the current travel plan is:

2/24 – 3/3: Sao Paulo

3/3 – 3/9: Brasilia (CARNIVAL!!! — even though I really should be in Rio for that… but oh well.)

3/9 – 3/11: Rio de Janeiro (I couldn’t NOT go to Corcovado if I’m in Brasil… even if it costs me $505 USD for hotel, ground transportation, and all day tour for 3 days/2 nights)

3/11 – 3/13: Sao Paulo

I will be participating in the Fabio Gurgel’s Alliance Exchange program during the time I’m in Sao Paulo.  For $400, I get accommodations in their apartment near the gym and unlimited group training.  I decided not to splurge on any other package since I am a white belt, and I’d probably forget the technique anyway.  In any case, I am excited to train at Alliance, as well as at CIA Paulista with Adilson & Pedro.  I also look forward to training with Eduardo “Portugues” Santoro of CIA Paulista as well.

Although Brasilia is not a very exciting place to be, especially during Carnival, I am excited to visit my two friends, Gustavo Diniz and Zara Mundim.  They have been awesome in trying to plan things around my visit to BSB.  I’ll even fit some training sessions in at Constrictor Academy, Lorenzo’s (our Nova Uniao faixa preta) home academy.  BSB is the capital of Brazil, and is a master planned capital.  I hear the architecture is amazing…

And then there’s Rio… how could I not go to Rio?  And as much as I would love to spend a day or two training with Andre Pederneiras at Nova Uniao Upper (the home of my professor, Leandro Nyza… and my professor primeiro, Charuto Verrissimo), I just don’t have the time.  Iury is back at home in Rio, so I intend to spend the rest of my free time with him while I’m there.  AND he speaks English pretty well… so that is definitely a good thing since my Portuguese is so poor right now.

Depending on how much I like Brazil, I am considering teaching English there if I can get a job.  I think it would be an awesome opportunity.  Not only to live abroad, but to be able to improve my jiu jitsu and my Portuguese.  It would also make it easier to travel throughout South America, as I definitely wouldn’t mind visiting Iguassu Falls down south, Buenos Aires, and Peru.  But we’ll see… I’m hoping that the language barrier isn’t too great while I’m in Sao Paulo.

I’m pretty nervous to travel alone, especially since it’s my first time out of the county, but my friends are doing a great job of wanting to be a good host to me while I’m there.

Here’s to the start of my journey…




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