I really hate packing!

20 02 2011

I started packing tonight, which is fairly early for me. Usually, I’m scrambling the night before… but since this my first trip out of the country, I find myself quite panicked.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to bring so many gifts. I have 50 million shirts… okay, well not 50 million, but at least 8 shirts I bought for my friends and I think I have about 5 more to bring home for Lorenzo when I go to Brasilia. I also have whatever Davi wanted — hair clippers, supplements, video games… AND surf shorts. I am also carrying on about 12 boxes of chocolate covered macadamia nuts. I think I should be covered. Yes, it does sound like I went overboard… but on the bright side, my suitcase will be more than half empty after I get there. I still need to find something nice for Davi’s mãe (his mother) since I will be staying with them for a little while.

On Friday, Davi informed me that I need a doctor’s note to say that I’m ok to train. Graças a deus (Thank God) for my dear friend/former training partner in muay thai/dermatologist Rick. He provided me one that night. And perfect timing no less. He was leaving for Utah the next day.

I hate that my gi takes up so much space in my suitcase. I will buy another one there, but still. It takes up so much damn space… the other option would be to train no gi, which I hate… so I guess I’ll just deal with the lack of space right now. I just hope my suitcase is under 50 lbs right now…

Here is the before picture:

I’m starting to get nervous… but then again, I just remember Christian’s journey around the world and remind myself that my trip should be a piece of cake in comparison. 🙂

Oh and on a separate note, it really does not pay to do things last minute. I got lucky and got my currency just this week. I should have ordered it online a lot earlier… along with my credit card that does NOT have a foreign transaction fee. I wasn’t as fortunate to get that before I left, but now I know!! Next time I will be a pro at international travel… to Brasil! And hopefully my conversational Portuguese will be flawless.

Got a few things left to do tomorrow and then it’s off to LAX bright and early on Tuesday morning. I’m looking forward to seeing some friends before I start my journey (along with eating some good food in downtown LA).

I can’t wait!!! But at the same time, I’m scared out of my mind!!!




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