Lanikai Pillboxes (again)

10 07 2011

This afternoon I hiked Lanikai Pillboxes again… but with Erik, Justin, and Sunny. I must have forgot how winded I was getting to the first pillbox, because I felt like I wanted to die halfway up the trail. In any case, it was another beautiful day in Hawaii…





The best part was ending our hiking trip with some shave ice from Island Snow (picture to follow the next time we go again). Everyone who we passed along the hike also ended up there. It was definitely a hot day… and an ice cold treat was the perfect way to end it!

Later, I went to my friend Eric’s parents house to help welcome Eric’s family (his wife and twin babies) to the islands. The twins (Matson and Mikayla) were so adorable! What was even better was that Mikayla really liked me, so I pretty much ended up carrying her the entire time. It is days like this that make me love babies even more…


I hope to see more of them while they are here on vacation (and staying very close to my house).

On Thursday, I have plans to do another hike that I’ve never done before (Mariner’s Ridge) with my friend Jason. I’m looking forward to trying something new and also spending time with my awesome friends in the little time I have left here.

So until then, I have decided to keep up with my blog so I will have a reminder of all the amazing things I’ve done this summer! And now that I know that people actually read my blogs, I will put forth more effort to keep it up. 🙂




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